Tips On Wedding Etiquette For Guests

It is sometimes difficult for people to gauge what is right or wrong when attending someone’s wedding. This is because many wedding guests assume that etiquette should be left for the groom, bride and their family members. Some form of etiquette is also expected of wedding guests and they should be aware of these rules before they attend any wedding. Although nothing major would happen if one did not behave as expected, it may be a source of embarrassment to the bride and her family and this should not happen during the most important day of their lives. Wedding etiquette for guests is very simple and sometimes one does not even notice when adhering to it. One of the first rules for wedding guests is punctuality. One should ensure they are seated at least fifteen minutes before the ceremony starts and they will know what time it will be because all invitation cards have this time indicated. Arriving just as the bride is walking to the front of the church is a rude gesture.

Another simple rule to follow at the wedding is silence. The ceremony should be respected and treated with the sanctity it deserves and all noises should be directed by the presiding officials only. This act of silence shows the deserved reverence and also creates a sense of order for the event itself. If some points of the ceremony require guests to sit and stand, one should do this carefully and if unsure, they should follow what other guests are doing or follow the directions of the officials. Pictures should also not be taken when the ceremony is underway because there are professionals who have been paid to do that. The number of guests who will be attending a wedding is the basis of very many decisions that have to be made and all guests should ensure that they have confirmed attendance as soon as possible. In addition, one should not bring any dates to a wedding unless the card specifically says that they can bring an extra person.

Sending gifts to the newlyweds is also very important. The gifts can sometimes help the newlyweds start their married lives better but it is also a simple act of courtesy for the guest. If for instance one does not attend the wedding for any given reasons, it is important for them to send a gift because the bride and groom respected them enough to request their presence at their wedding. Finally, ensure that any alcohol consumption is done with moderation and does not embarrass the newlyweds. It is important to show the wedded couple that one is happy for them but they should not embarrass them while doing it.