Gay Weddings: Where It Is Legal For Same Sex Couples To Marry

The battle for equality for same sex marriages has been going on for some time now. Unfortunately the majority of the world still frowns upon same sex marriage and so there are only certain cities and towns where gay weddings are actually considered legal. Because of this, there are many same sex couples that have to travel elsewhere, away from their hometown and loved ones just to get married. As a result, gay couples often have to travel out of their hometown to go and get married legally elsewhere.

Canada and Mexico are two of the most popularly traveled to countries for this exact reason. In the United States there are a few states that allow for same sex marriages including Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Maine, New York and Vermont. However, considering that there are fifty states this is a pretty low percentage of locations where gay weddings are actually legal. Europe has more places that allow for gay weddings than anywhere else in the world.

Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Sweden and Switzerland are just a few examples of the different places that a same sex couple could go to if they wanted to get married. There are always new laws being passed and new countries that are lifting the ban on same sex marriages. This is why it’s so important for same sex couples to keep an eye on the news and watch out for different laws coming into effect. It’s also helpful to watch out for protests or meetings being held that you can attend and get your voice in.

Openly gay celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres are constantly talking about issues like Proposition 8 which is a ballet proposition that was passed and then overturned but which is now being fought for again. Ellen DeGeneres and Lady Gaga are two in particular that are very open and honest about their feelings. California is one of the most controversial states when it comes to gay weddings. Although California was actually one of the first states to allow for gay marriage, there was recently a bill passed that overturned that decision and now any future gay weddings will not be considered as valid.

Everyone has their own opinion on this matter. It’s expected that over the next decade the number of locations around the world that allow for gay marriages will increase tenfold. Until then a lot of same sex couples will just need to deal with it or travel to get married. At least it’s good to see that gay weddings are still legal in many places of the world.