Various Discount Wedding Favors

If you are like most people, you want to have a large wedding with all of your friends and family members present. You want to have people there to help you celebrate your love for your future spouse. However, if you are also like many people, you simply do not have the money to afford this glamorous wedding of your dreams. Instead of getting into debt over your wedding and spending years digging yourself out of debt, you should try to cut corners wherever possible to reduce the cost of your wedding. One place where you can begin to cut corners is with wedding favors.

Homemade Wedding Favors

One great way to reduce the costs with your wedding is to make your own wedding favors. This is great because you can make something like cookies or brownies and put them in discount wedding favor boxes or discount wedding favor bags. Discount wedding favor bags are great because you can use them to put any of your homemade creations in, and they cost very little compared to other wedding favors. You can bake up several dozen cookies, personalize them using icing to write the wedding date and you and your fiancé’s names, and then put them in a discount wedding favor bag. You could also purchase personalized discount wedding favor bags instead of standard discount wedding favor bag.

Store Bought Discount Wedding Favor Bag

You can also find some great store bought discount wedding favors. You can look at discount candies after a holiday at places like the supermarket or even department stores like Wal Mart. This is great if you are having a wedding with specific themed colors. If you are having a wedding in June and your colors are pink and white, look for cheap valentine’s day candy a few days after valentine’s day. You will be able to find cheap candy to put in some discount wedding favor bags. This is also a great idea for something to put into personalized discount wedding favor bags.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you keep total cost in mind. It may seem cheap to find a wedding favor that is only two dollars, but if you have two hundred or more guests, that is really going to start to add up. In addition, make sure that you find something that is discounted but not cheap looking. If you cannot find any favors that you like, you can always place a bowl of nice looking candies (even colored M&M’s that match your theme), with discount wedding favor bags next to the bowl for guests to fill themselves.