Using Wine Glass Wedding Favor Idea

Wedding favors can be tricky to get right, you want something that will fit your budget but at the same time something that is meaningful to you and your beloved. If you and your groom love wine then why not give wine glass wedding favors at your wedding?

There are several ways that you can personalize a wine glass wedding favor to make it special. Even when you are on a budget a personalized wine wedding favor is still possible, in fact it might be cheaper than other favor ideas that you might have.

Engraving Your Wine Glass Wedding Favor

Engraving is the easiest and most obvious way to personalize a wine glass wedding favor. You can choose to have your names engraved on the glasses, with the wedding date, a certain phrase, or even add a small picture that fits the theme of your wedding. Engraving can be an expensive option but the good news is that if you are ordering in bulk you can usually get discounts.

Depending on the type of glass you choose and the length of what you have engraved on your wine glass wedding favors you can still keep this favor idea within your budget. Wine glass favors range in size and style, you can have small glasses, large ones, red wine glasses, champagne flutes; basically anything that fits your theme and aesthetics.

Other Wine Glass Wedding Favor Ideas

Besides engraving there are other ways that you can make your wine glass wedding favor personal. A wine charm that fits your theme is a cute and simple way to transform plain wine glasses into something. Remember to add a little thank you tag and attach it to the glasses with ribbon. Choose a light colored card for your thank you cards, white is preferable, and type the text in your wedding colors.

To make the rest of your decorations reflect your choice of wine glass wedding favor you should consider adding grape wines, grapes, and wine inspired colors to the decorations. A centerpiece that includes grapes and grape leaves are unusual and can be very pretty. Merlot and champagne are both beautiful colors that can be incorporated into your wedding decorations very easily.

You might also want to choose two glasses toasting on your wedding invitations. Another option is to have grape leaves and vines climbing up your cake instead of flowers. These small touches here and there will help to tie your theme together and make wine glass wedding favors a natural choice of thank you gift for your guests.