Using A Wedding Favor Box

If you are trying to find a wedding favor to give your guests at your wedding, wedding favor boxes are a great idea. You can do so many things with wedding favor boxes—and you can even get discount wedding favor boxes! Here is some information on using wedding favor boxes for your wedding favors.

Where To Find A Discount Wedding Favor Box

If you are looking for discount wedding favor boxes, the best place to look is going to be online. There are many large discount wedding stores, and you can find many different types of discount wedding favor boxes on these wedding websites. You can find pink discount wedding favor boxes, black discount wedding favor boxes, or really any color that you could possibly think of. There are also designed discount wedding favor boxes, and in many places you can even get personalized discount wedding favor boxes. With these, you can put your name, your fiancé’s name, and the wedding date right on the discount wedding favor box.

What To Use A Discount Wedding Favor Box For

Wedding favor boxes have countless uses. As oppose to just using discount candle wedding favors, you could add a wedding favor box filled with just about anything. One way to fill your wedding favor boxes is with homemade goods. Everyone loves a homemade cookie, and you could put one of your favorite cookies into the wedding favor box as well as one of your fiancé’s favorite cookies in the wedding favor box. If you do not get a personalized wedding favor box, you could instead personalize the cookies by writing on them with icing.

If you are not a great baker or do not have anyone who could help you with baking, you could fill the wedding favor box with you and your fiancé’s favorite candies instead. In fact, you can even purchase certain candies like M&M’s in specific colors that match your wedding theme. If you do this, you might want to fill a pretty clear glass bowl or vase with the candies in the center of the table. Then you could put a wedding favor box on each place setting and the guest could fill the box him or herself. That way you have a centerpiece with the candy as well as the wedding favor!

Wedding favor boxes are very versatile, and you can really put anything in them. Instead of just putting the wedding favor on the place setting or wrapping it in tulle, think about using a wedding favor box instead.