Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

If you are planning your wedding, you have probably already picked the dress, the colors, the food, and the location. But have you thought about the wedding favors yet? Most people spend hours and hours planning their perfect wedding with unique ideas and personalization in the colors and the clothing. But when it comes to wedding favors, it seems like many people simply wrap some candy in tulle and call it done. If you are having a unique and interesting wedding, why not try to find something unique and interesting for your wedding favors?

Homemade Wedding Favors

One great idea is to make homemade wedding favors. These can be anything from candy to cookies. People love baked goods, and wedding guests are no different! You can bake you and your future spouse’s favorite treats like fudge or chocolate chip cookies or chocolate candies. Then you can either wrap them in tulle or tissue paper, or even put them in a wedding favor box. If you want to write a personal note to attach to each wedding favor, you can purchase some discount wedding favor tags to attach to the wedding favors. You can also copy a short poem or saying onto the discount wedding favor tags to really show some personality.

Other Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

If you are looking for a discount wedding favor, there are plenty of unique ideas out there for you aside from homemade wedding favors. Most of these will involve the use of a discount wedding favor tag. You can, for example, purchase some discount candles that are on clearance at any department store. Look specifically after holidays if you have specific color themes like pink or red. For red candles on clearance, look after Christmas. For pink or even red candles, look after Valentine’s Day for clearance candles.

You can get these candles and put discount wedding favor tags on them. You can put almost anything on the discount wedding favor tag to really personalize your wedding favor. You could print a small poem on the discount wedding favor tag or your favorite saying on love. You could even put a bible verse on the discount wedding favor tag, or simply put the wedding date on the discount wedding favor tag. You could even tie a discount bell wedding favor to the tag to add a little something to it.

Whatever you do, remember that you can still do something classy for a small price. You do not need to one, spend thousands of dollars on beautiful wedding favors or two, spend next to nothing for chintzy wedding favors. Find a happy medium and your guests will be very pleased!