Traditional Wedding Favors

If you are getting married, you have probably thought a lot about what you want at your wedding and reception. You probably have a dress, have picked out the bridesmaids dresses, and know what flowers you want. You may have already chosen a reception hall and have the food picked out. But have you decided on wedding favors? Here are some traditional wedding favor ideas for you.

Kisses For You

One tradition at weddings is for people to tap the drinking glasses with their silverware which tells the bride and groom to kiss. This can also be done with bells. One great way to support this and encourage it is to wrap some Hershey candy kisses in tulle and tie them together with ribbon. You can also put a discount bell wedding favor on the ribbon so people can ring them. People might see these and ring the discount bell wedding favor often to encourage you and your new husband or wife to kiss! A discount bell wedding favor is also going to be quite easy to find. You can find these discount bell wedding favors at a discount online wedding retailer or you might even be able to find discount bell wedding favors in department stores like Wal Mart. While most discount bell wedding favors will come in a gold color, you can easily spray paint them to match your wedding colors—however, do not spray paint the inside of the discount wedding bell favor because it might affect how well it rings!

Homemade Baked Goods

Another great traditional wedding favor is a packet of homemade baked goods. You and your bridesmaids can have a baking party a few days before the wedding. Or, if you are too busy, you could ask your mother or mother in law, or any relative or friend to have a baking party. Then you could bake you and your fiancé’s favorite treats like cookies, candies, or other baked goods like fudge or brownies. Then you can get either a wedding favor box or a wedding favor bag, or even just a piece of tulle or tissue paper, and put the baked goods in them. You can also personalize the baked goods by writing your names and the wedding date on the food with icing. Guests will love this!

Traditional wedding favors are going to be great for you and the guests. They will not be too expensive and go over your budget but they will still be enjoyed and remembered by the guests!