The Value Of A Homemade Wedding Shower Favor

A bridal shower is an event predominantly made up of female friends of the bride. It is usually the maid of honor who throws the bride a bridal shower and it is usually given within a month from the wedding. It is now the practice of most bridal showers to have a giveaway or a party favor to give the attendees of the bridal shower.

There are many different factors that can affect the decision regarding what the bridal shower party favor may be. One of these factors is likes of the bride. What is important and of value to the bride may be a factor to deciding what kind of favor is given out during the bridal shower. Of course, in most bridal showers the bride is not aware that it is to be given and she is surprised by her friends and relatives.

Do It Yourself Homemade Wedding Shower Favors

A homemade wedding shower favor can be a valuable thing because many view these as a labor of love by the person giving the bridal shower. There are several do it yourself projects that can be made with minimum fuss and expense into a homemade wedding shower favor. There are some bridal shower favors that can be bought ready made and just packaged into a bag or container and appear as a homemade wedding shower favor.

These kinds of homemade wedding shower favors can also be labeled with a card containing the bridal shower details. The wedding shower favor bags are sometimes complementary to the color scheme of the bridal shower and can be decorated to complement the theme of the bridal shower as well.

Other suggestions for a homemade wedding shower favor are those that go with the bridal shower theme. Common bridal shower themes are bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, home and garden. Other themes can be added and there are no limits regarding the bridal shower themes. Ideas for a complementing homemade wedding shower favor are a flatware set or a bathroom, shampoo and soap set. The idea is to assemble the flatware or the shampoo and soap set from a pack.

Since the attendee is only one person, only a set of one spoon, fork and table knife should be packaged and then given away as a homemade wedding shower favor. The soap and shampoo set can also be made from a pack of 12 or 18 soaps which complement he flavor of the shampoo.