The Perfect Personalized Wedding Candle Favor

Finding the right kind of favors to give out at your wedding can be hard. You want to give something that reflects you and your spouse, but at the same time you want it to look nice. It can be hard to check all the boxes, especially when you’re working with a budget.

If you and your guests enjoy wine then the perfect wedding favors are personalized wine wedding favors. Not only will your personalized wine wedding favors look classy, but they will certainly be something that your guests will appreciate.

Personalized Wedding Candle Favor – Mini Bottles

If you can’t afford full sized bottles for your personalized wine wedding favors then go with mini bottles. You can often find mini bottles for less and with the right retailer you can personalize the bottles with your names and wedding date.

Choose a wine that you and your spouse like, or you could choose the wine that you toasted with. If you don’t drink or know that the majority of your guests don’t drink then you can also choose non alcoholic beverages.

Personalized Wedding Candle Favor – Labels And Wines

The label is undoubtedly the best place to personalize a wine bottle. The right label will make your personalized wine wedding favor truly special. Besides your name and the date of your wedding you can add a message of thanks on the label. Adding a wine charm wedding favor to each bottle is another fun touch you can add.

The other option for personalized wine wedding favors is to choose a particular type of wine. While tastes dictate what you might want to choose as your personalized wine wedding favors you can choose specific wines to go with the seasons.

If you are having a spring or summer wedding then a crisp Chardonnay or White Zinfandel with fruity notes would be more appropriate then a red wine. In the fall a deep Merlot or a luscious Cabernet Sauvignon might be a better option for your personalized wine wedding favors.

If your budget is generous then you might want to add engraved wine glasses with your bottles of wine. This is however only advisable if you find with quite a bit left in the budget. Glasses and bottles of wine can get expensive.

If you can find cheap glasses then leave out personalizing the glasses if the bottles already have a personalized label. Buy glasses in bulk to get a discount and you might find that this is a very affordable favor.