The Cinderella Wedding

Flowers, tablecloths, table wines, cutlery, serviettes, glasses and even candy dish wedding favor are all considered when planning the perfect table layout. The theme has to be carried throughout the whole wedding. Chopping and changing from textures to create an eclectic theme might not work so well with a wedding, unless it is just a very unusual wedding, or a cheap slap together one which could include a Styrofoam cup as a candy dish wedding favor.
All glassware including the candy dish wedding favor preferably has to be of the same material or style such as pure crystal for instance, or even earthenware for the more down to earth folk. It all still depends on the theme and the couple’s choices made for their special day.
There are no fixed and firm rules out there about how a perfect wedding should be. Females have been conditioned for centuries to have the ultimate wedding like Cinderella. Today’s weddings are less traditional, but still have the overall union and celebration.

Back in the days of knights and fairytales, the mention of a candy dish wedding favor wasn’t even invented never mind putting too many decorations on the tables, it was the food that mattered.  But in today’s times way too many things are put on the tables from little souvenirs to even a candy jar wedding favor for each guest, those used to be just mini champagne glasses with a couple of mints in them decorated up.  It was this tiny candy dish wedding favor that people could take back home and put in their display cabinets.
 Less Perfection Could Be Better
Today the wedding tables are dressed to extreme perfection, not a thing must be missing or forgotten or all hell could break loose even if the tiny candy dish wedding favor is not there too on the right place. Our overall expectations of the services rendered have been heightened to extreme to balance the value of money spent on this occasion.

There have been cases where wedding planners have been sued due to things being missing from this event, and the video footage usually proves this as the footage of everything, from the beginning till the last guest leaves, can be viewed later. The wedding planner has to be accountable if things are not in their places as agreed upon from the start.
As the new couple leaves all ceremonies to go on their honeymoon, all that didn’t go well is mostly forgotten already, until they review the footage from the wedding. This would be then the first time that they would see the actual wedding for themselves and be able to account for everything that was planned for.