Suggestions For Decorating A Wine Stopper Wedding Favor

A wine stopper wedding favor is a unique wedding party favor. A wine stopper is a device used to plug the wine bottle or the decanter. This stopper prevents the wine from losing its bouquet and losing its kick. Couples who give a wine stopper wedding favor are usually confident that their guests know their way with wines. In spite of this, there may be guests who are not as familiar with wines as the other guests. Labeling the wine stopper wedding favor with instructions and an explanation regarding how to use it or what it is for can be useful for the guests.

Wine Stopper Wedding Favor Decorations

A wine stopper is a small device that is placed on the wine bottle opening instead of the cork. The reason for this is because the cork may eventually wither and come off in fine chunks which may in turn fall into or mix with the wine in the bottle. This rather small thing, the largest of which may just be up to three inches, depending on where it is supposed to be placed, can be made of hard plastic or glass.

The wine stopper wedding favor can be a tricky thing to decorate since the most that one can decorate it with is a ribbon around its neck. Ribbons which coordinate with the wedding theme or wedding colors can be used for this. Another suggestion for decorating the wine stopper wedding favor is to place it in a box filled with soft filling to prevent it from rolling around. The wine stopper wedding favor can be nestled in cloth or cottony gauze. Black is a great color to set off the brilliance of a glass or lead crystal wine stopper wedding favor.

The wine stopper wedding favor can also be contained in a wine glass. In effect, there will be a wine glass wedding favor as well as a wine stopper wedding favor. This suggestion may not be as practical as the ones above so the happy couple may reserve this wedding party favor for their members of the entourage and the main sponsors of the wedding.

A wine stopper wedding favor can be a bit expensive for an average couple so the giving of this can be limited to the members of the wedding party as well as the wedding godparents. Lead crystal stoppers are more expensive than the plastic wine stoppers so before making a final decision regarding these, be sure about the number of people you will give these to.