Suggestions For A Unique Wedding Party Favor

Giving wedding party favors are now considered traditional. Many couples like to have a unique wedding party favor to be remembered with. The problem with wanting a unique wedding party favor is that there are also a lot of couple’s who wish to have one, making the search for a unique wedding party favor more and more difficult as more and more people try things which have not been done before.

Unique Wedding Party Favor: Food Items

Cakes, cookies and other bakery items have already been used as wedding party favors so these might not be the unique wedding party favor that the couple might like. Chocolates are one of the more common wedding party favors around, also. Although, these are ideal for party favors, there are also other food items which can pass for party favors. Nuts can be used for as party favors and these can be considered as a cheap wedding favor. You will need a container for the nuts and those with shells are ideal as giveaways but one can also use those without.

Other food items that can be used as unique wedding party favors are small bottles of the couple’s favorite wine or packets of tea or coffee. These can be placed in a small gift basket and given out to the wedding guests. Small packets of these unique wedding party favors are ideal since the larger ones can be cumbersome for guests to bring around.

Unique Wedding Party Favor: Live Plants And Animals

These unique wedding party favors are a bit tricky since the recipients need to be able to care for the living thing that the couple will be giving out. Plants are basically less costly compared to live animals and easier for the recipients to take care of. Herbs in small, pretty pots are great as a unique wedding party favor. The pots can be in complementing colors to the wedding party theme and ribbons can be added to these.

Live animals may be more difficult but definitely more in keeping with the search for a unique wedding party favor. Large animals are out of the question as unique wedding party favors since not all guests might have the capacity to care for them, which leaves animals such as fish, turtles, birds, butterflies and other smaller ones to consider. These can be placed in boxes, bowls, small cages and other small containers. Tags for such containers will need to be attached with ribbons and bigger in coordination with the size of the wedding party favor container.