Suggestions For A Unique Wedding Party Favor

Many soon to be wedded couples like to have a unique wedding party favor to give away during their wedding party. The idea of having a unique wedding party favor leans more on the desire to have a memorable wedding party favor with which the wedding and the couple is remembered by.

There are many different objects that can be used as a wedding party favor. Some of the more common objects may just turn out to be a unique wedding party favor. Some couples take inspiration for their wedding party favor from things that they themselves have sentimental value for like what they got for their first date, their favorite things and many others. It can even be seashells for a beach wedding party favor with a beach theme.

Unique Wedding Party Favor – Something Alive

A truly unique wedding party favor can be something that is alive which the guests will take care of. Plants are usually more hardy and cheaper compared to some animals. Plants also require not as much care as animals which make them ideal unique wedding party favors. The soon to be wedded couple may procure seedlings of trees from a botanical garden and have these planted in beautiful plastic pots which can bear the wedding details. The idea of this unique wedding party favor is to encourage awareness of the environment and love for nature.

Plants can also be used for a unique wedding party favor instead of tree seedlings. These can be full grown house plants that are no bigger than a basketball, including the pot they are planted in. They can be wrapped in clear cellophane with the top left open to encourage better air circulation. These unique wedding party favors can also come with instructions regarding their care as well as the wedding details at the front of the instruction card attached to the house plant.

Animals are truly unique wedding party favor ideas. In spite of this, not all animals are ideal as a unique wedding party favor because they might grow too big or be a bit of a handful to take care of compared to plants. Animals are also quite expensive in comparison to plants. Ideal animals that just might make it as a unique wedding party favor are fish placed in a small bow and tied with a ribbon, a pair of lovebirds in a small cage, a turtle with a ribbon tied around its shell, a miniature bunny and many others.