Suggestions For A Bridal Shower Wedding Favor

Bridal showers are great fun and are usually restricted to female friends and relatives of the bride. In most cases, there are a small number of women who throw the bride a bridal shower, about five to fifteen, depending on which group is present. It can be friends from the work place of the bride; this is usually a large number or close friends of the bride, usually around three to ten friends. The bridal shower is usually given by the maid of honor and is a surprise for the bride. In some cases, the female relatives of the bride give the bridal shower.

A bridal shower wedding favor is a part of the bridal shower. This aspect of the shower is a recent addition to the bridal shower and was not practiced until just a few decades ago. The practice of giving a bridal shower wedding favor is usually organized by the person giving the bridal shower, usually the maid of honor.

Bridal Shower Wedding Favor Theme

Most bridal showers have a theme with which the bridal shower wedding favor is sometimes based on. The theme may not also be a factor in deciding what the bridal shower wedding favor might be. Sometimes the bridal shower wedding favor may not even be closely related to the theme but instead be a feminine cosmetic or product that is available at the moment.

Some bridal shower themes are bed and bathroom, home and garden, kitchen, interior design and many others. These themes can reflect on the bridal shower wedding favor or not, depending on the budget of the bridal shower and the ideas of the event organizer. The bridal shower wedding favor can be connected to the theme such as a spoon an dfork set for a kitchen theme, a soap and shampoo set for a bathroom theme and small pillows for a bedroom theme.

One of the more personalized bridal shower wedding favors can be a homemade wedding shower favor which is made by the maid of honor for the bride and her guests. Something like this can take some time to make so it is best to have some leeway regarding the time to make the bridal shower wedding favor or the maid of honor, or whoever is organizing the bridal shower can ask for help from other members of the entourage.

Deciding what kind of bridal shower wedding favor to give away can also reflect the bride and groom. If the bride likes the color pink, then the bridal shower wedding favor can be something colored pink.