Seasonal Weddings Of Choice

You finally decided you wanted to get married, the next question would be” when?”.  Any season could be great, depending on where you are on the planet. You could encompass the whole wedding theme around the season if you wished to do so, as plenty people out there do. Spring is always seen as new beginnings, and the fall weddings are seen as earthy, warmth and comfort.
It is still important to keep the theme flowing through the whole ceremony from start to finish. Having a spring wedding as opposed to a fall wedding could pose problems either way, but that is for the wedding planner to figure out and guide you on your best choices. As for the decorations on tables everything still needs to be considered.

A forest wedding in the fall would look stunning, and wine goblets trimmed in gold and as to the plate and the candy jar wedding favor looks like reddish to bronzy autumn leaves bound together with twine or threads of vine. Your imagination could carry you away just on the ideas for the candy jar wedding favor alone.

Yes, they can make any kind of summer, winter, spring or fall wedding favor you like these days. Planning any perfect wedding requires plenty of creativity to satisfy the needs of the couple.  
Souvenirs For Guests
For those having a wedding in the fall, the ideas for the candy jar wedding favor might seem limited for those with limited imagination. The possibilities are actually naturally endless. The idea of cones or a giant nut as a candy jar wedding favor filled with all sorts of natures best in could be good, just remember to put tags on them so the guests can know to look in them, and not simply toss them away.

Mini wreathes around goblets could also be used as a candy jar wedding favor as a souvenir from the wedding. Not every candy jar wedding favor has to have a lid on either; it could simply just be dressed up more with a bit of lace to keep the goodies in it.
Picking The Finest Day
Having your wedding in the fall means you would have to consider the weather too, as the wind could pick up at any given time and blow everything around. Your choice of what to use should be heavy enough not to be disturbed by sudden wind gusts. Alternatively if you have marquee tents with autumn leaves all over the floor, and clear sides to still keep the feel of the forest that would be excellent, without you having to chop any poor tree down just to fit your marquee.