Save Money Every Way You Can: Cheap Wedding Shower Favors

Times are tight and every time you turn on the news you hear more depressing news about the economy. But life must go on and things must get done. One of the things that must get done is putting on a wedding. People are still going to get married, even in tough times, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save money while doing it. One of the ways you can save money putting on a wedding in tough economic times is with cheap wedding shower favors.

These can be anything from cheap trinkets from the dollar store to even personalized crafts that you make yourself. Of course it’s your wedding and your wedding shower so the cheap wedding shower favors are going to be different for you than they would be for someone else but it’s an idea to save money that could be better spent on the honeymoon.

Cheap Wedding Shower Favors: Trinkets

What are some ideas you can use for cheap wedding shower favors? Well, you have to realize that everyone that goes to a wedding shower is there for the bride so you should make it something that has to do with weddings, but that everyone will be able to enjoy. You can get cheap wedding shower favor bags at the dollar store or at your local drug store and then fill them with tiny trinkets such as lip balm or chap stick, gum, cheap wedding favor candles, or anything else that you think people will like. Make them all color coded to make them extra special.

You can, for example, try to find all pink cheap wedding shower favors. It can actually be a lot of fun shopping for these items and it’s great when you can fill an entire cheap wedding shower favor bag for less than a couple bucks.

Cheap Wedding Shower Favors: Crafts

If you’re good at arts and crafts, you can also make your own cheap wedding shower favors. You can embroider people’s names on them and make them into little brides or grooms or you can make useful items such as oven mitts or mittens. The sky is the limit.

Just remember that this is your wedding so make them part of your overall theme or make them something everyone can use. But just try to save money with cheap wedding shower favors and save your money for more important things that have to do with the wedding; again, such as the honeymoon.