Personalized Wedding Candle Favor: Adding A Spark Of Love

An endearing aspect to gifting a personalized wedding candle favor is that it will help to provide a spark of love in the hearts of the recipient as well as in the hearts of the bridal couple. There are many appealing attributes to a personalized wedding candle favor including the customizable scents as well as designs that can be personalized as well as customized to suit different tastes and occasions.

Personalized Wedding Candle Favor: Scents Help To Set The Wedding Gift Apart

A well scented and properly customized personalized wedding candle favor can be unique and a cut above the rest. In fact, the best part about gifting a personalized wedding candle favor is that it can be created to be as unique and as special as is your love for the recipient.

Care should be taken when choosing the candle, especially when it concerns the material from which the candle is made. The better personalized wedding candle favors will be those that include candles made from soy wax that is contained in metal tins that should preferably be of round shape.

You can make your personalized wedding candle favor even more unique by personalizing the lid with a special label that incorporates very unique wedding favor designs. It would also be a good idea to select the candle’s scent very carefully and then matching the scent with the color of the candle will help to make an excellent personalized wedding candle favor that will be appreciated by the wedding guests.

Another aspect to gifting a personalized wedding candle favor is that the candle generally comes with a bag (organza) that can be of any color that you prefer. You will also need to select the candle according to a size that fits well with the personalized wedding candle favor. There are four ounce, two ounce as well as one ounce candle tins to choose from.

Typically, a four ounce candle tin would cost about five dollars; a two ounce candle tin would cost about three dollars fifty cents while the one ounce candle tin will only be priced at two dollars.

Personalized wedding favor pens are a truly cute and unique idea. The simple fact is that everyone uses pens and so a wedding favor that includes a pen will be of use to everyone and when the pen is also personalized it will be appreciated all the more. Each pen can be personalized with the addition of a few lines of text and in addition there are many different designs to choose from to help make the pen even more appealing.