Make Your Own Chocolate Wedding Favors

The practice of giving wedding favors dates back to the bonbonierres given by European royalty to the guests at their weddings. Eventually, this filtered down to all social classes and evolved into the tradition of giving sugared Jordan almonds to wedding guests. In recent years, other types of wedding favors have become popular, from lollipops to Krispy Kreme donuts. This article will look at creating chocolate wedding favors for your wedding guests.

What You Will Need To Make A Chocolate Wedding Favors

To make your chocolate wedding favors, you will need some tulle netting, of the kind used to make wedding veils; some thin ribbon in the colors of the wedding; and finally, the chocolates. Small chocolates such as Hershey Kisses, M&Ms and chocolate truffles make great wedding favors.

Traditionally, wedding favors are only given to female guests, so in order to calculate how many chocolate wedding favors to make, take the total number of guests at your wedding and divide by two.

For each favor, you will need a piece of tulle roughly the size of a dinner plate and approximately two feet of ribbon. How many chocolates you use is up to you, but the traditional number of Jordan almonds is five, symbolizing health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life. You may want to reflect this symbolism by putting five chocolates in each wedding favor.

Wrap the chocolates in the tulle and gather it at the top. Wrap the ribbon around the top and tie it in a knot. Finally, use the blade of a pair of scissors, running it along the ribbon to create curlicues. You now have the basis of your chocolate wedding favors.

Other Ideas for Chocolate Wedding Favors

You can enhance your basic chocolate wedding favor by placing it in a fancy container, such as a miniature champagne glass or a swan figurine with an opening in the back to place the wedding favor.

There are also customizable chocolate wedding favors available. Examples of these include chocolate bars with photos of the bride and groom printed on the wrapper; monogrammed brownie pops; hot chocolate mix with the sachets personalized to the wedding; and chocolate coins with the foil wrappers embossed with the bride and groom’s name and wedding date.

If you want to personalize the favors yourself, you can do it using ordinary desktop publishing software and some labels available from any office supply store. There are inexpensive print programs available that can help you customize some pre-programmed designs to create sticky labels to personalize your wedding favors even on the tightest of budgets.