Ideas for Hot Chocolate Wedding Favors

If your wedding is in the bleak midwinter, when frosty wind makes moan, you might like to consider warming your guests up with a gourmet hot chocolate wedding favor. Hot chocolate or cocoa can be given either in powder form for your guests to take home and make at a later date, or ready mixed for them to drink at the reception.

Powdered Hot Chocolate Wedding Favors

The simplest way to give a hot chocolate wedding favor is in the form of a sachet of powdered chocolate or cocoa. Many wedding suppliers sell personally monogrammed sachets with the name of the bride and groom and the date and venue of the wedding embossed or printed on the outside.

If you want something a little fancier, why not put the hot chocolate in a glass jar and label it with the details of your wedding? A plain glass jar will do, or there are glass jars available in the shapes of swans, hearts, Aladdin’s lamp and all sorts of other varieties. If you are having a theme wedding, you could pick a jar that matches the theme of your wedding; for example, cowboy hats for a Western themed wedding. Be creative!

Ready Mixed Hot Chocolate Wedding Favors

If you want to warm up your wedding guests, you could give them their hot chocolate wedding favors at the reception itself. This involves careful timing, since if you make the hot chocolate too early, it will be cold by the time your guests get to drink it, whereas if you leave it too late, it could interfere with the festivities on your big day. The best time to serve hot chocolate wedding favors is at the start of the reception, before your guests get too involved with drinking and dancing to care. Again, you can give it out in glass jars, or in a personalized mug customized to your wedding.

Another idea for your wedding is a hot chocolate bar where guests get a personalized mug that they can take home with them as a wedding favor. You can serve a variety of flavored hot chocolate, such as dark, milk or white chocolate and chocolate mint. Flavor syrups could also be used for more unusual flavors. From there, you can give your guests a selection of add-ins, such as those you might find at an ice cream parlor. As well as the obvious mini marshmallows and whipped cream, ideas for add-ins could include chopped up candy bars, crystallized ginger, chocolate flakes and cinnamon sticks. Your guests can then mix and match to make their own unique hot chocolate creations. This memorable experience, together with the mug that they will take home, will mean that every time they drink a cup of hot chocolate in the future, they will be reminded of your special day.