Ideas For A Beach Wedding Party Favor

A wedding with a beach theme is one with a lot of leeway regarding ideas to make it memorable and beautiful. One of the things that is sure to make the beach themed wedding more memorable is to come up with a beach wedding party favor that is truly one of a kind. Since the beach and the oceans are part of the biggest bounties in this world, the ideas for an ideal beach wedding party favor will have no end.

The Bounty Of The Beach And Sea

One of most common things that can be found in the beach is sand. This can be part of your beach wedding party favor if you want. Coming up with a beach wedding party favor that can make use of sand is no hardship at all.

Bottled sand is a pretty sight to behold when done properly. The object of this beach wedding party favor is to place sand of varying shades in a clear bottle. It is ideal to have the varying shades as natural as possible to eliminate the tackiness of the beach wedding party favor but if the couple were so inclined, then colored sand it shall be. The bottle does not need to be overly large, about five inches in height with a rough diameter of one to two inches. It is not a good idea to shake the sand when it has already been placed in the bottle of this beach wedding party favor. This is to avoid the mixing of the varying shades of sand.

A seashell wind chime is another beautiful beach wedding party favor that is sure to be appreciated by most guests. The same with the bottled sand, the more natural the color of the seashells the better the wind chimes will look. There are ready made seashell wind chimes which can be bought and labeled with the wedding details. On the other hand, there are also a lot of made to order seashell wind chimes which can be made in accordance to the preferences of the soon to be married couple with regards to this beach wedding party favor to make a personalized wedding favor.

Other suggestions and ideas for a beach wedding party favor are seashell paper weights, seashell pincushions, seashell figures, salt water tropical fish in a bowl, a seashell picture frame, a compact disc of sounds of the ocean and many others.