Gourmet Chocolates as Wedding Favors

Gourmet chocolates make great wedding favors. But what is a gourmet chocolate? The word is often applied indiscriminately by chocolate makers without regard to its true definition.

The word gourmet originates in France, where it was used to refer to a wine merchant who was an expert in quality wines. Nowadays, it is more often used to refer to food than wine, but the principle remains the same, denoting expertise in chocolate making above and beyond the norm.

Defining Gourmet Chocolate Wedding Favors

A true gourmet chocolate wedding favor should be made from chocolate that uses only real cocoa butter with no vegetable fat used as cheap filler. Also, if sugar comes before cocoa butter or cocoa solids on the list of ingredients, it is not a true gourmet chocolate wedding favor.

Connoisseurs of chocolate believe that presentation is as important as flavor in true gourmet chocolate. Fortunately, in the case of wedding favors, this is unlikely to be an issue, since your gourmet chocolate wedding favors will be presented in a manner than befits the elegance of your wedding.

European Gourmet Chocolate Wedding Favors

Some of the most famous chocolatiers in the world come from Europe, particularly Belgium and Switzerland. Some of the most famous names in Swiss chocolate include Lindt and Suchard while Belgium offers Guylian and La Trufflina. All of these are available from fine importers specially packaged in the form of wedding favors.

American Gourmet Chocolate Wedding Favors

In these tough economic times, American brides and grooms might want to support their own national economy by buying American. Sadly, for many people, the words “American chocolate” conjures up images of those chocolate “wedding cake” favors made by dipping Oreo cookies in melted Hershey bars.

However, this reputation is undeserved. There are American chocolatiers, particularly those located in the San Francisco and New York areas, whose product is as good as anything that Europe has to offer. Their names are not as well known as the ones listed above, but that does not necessarily mean that their product is inferior.

Some of the best chocolate makers you’ve never heard of include: Recchiuti and Joseph Schmidt of San Francisco (which is also home to the much better known Ghirardelli); Payards, L A Burdick and Christopher Norman of New York and Lake Champlain Chocolates of Vermont. All these chocolate makers stress innovative flavors and use only the highest quality ingredients. Why not seek them out and consider them as suppliers of your gourmet chocolate wedding favors?