Gorgeous Wine Charm Wedding Favor

Wedding favors need to fill several requirements; first they need to be compact and easy to transport, next they have to be attreactive, they also need to somehow represent the happy couple, and perhaps most importantly they need to fit your budget!

A tall order and it can be quite difficult if you want something unique, special often comes with a price tag. A wine charm wedding favor is a simple idea that can be very cute and affordable. It’s perfect to give away as gifts as you can personalize it or choose wine charms that fit your wedding theme.

Wine Charm Wedding Favor Theme

If your wedding has a specific theme, such as colors, animals, or words then you can choose a wine charm wedding favor to fit the theme. If for example the theme is spring then consider flower wine charm wedding favors. Doves, butterflies, and hearts are other popular shapes to choose from for a spring wedding.

Wine charm wedding favors don’t need to be expensive; in fact you can often get them for less than two dollars when you order in large numbers. This makes a wine charm a great discount wedding favor. Find cute boxes or little pouches to give them away in. putting them on the wine glasses at everyone’s table may not be the best idea as people might not realize they are meant as gifts.

Another option is to choose wine charm wedding favors that have words instead of cute little figures. Romance, fairytale, love, and forever are words that would be suitable on wine charms you might want to give out as gifts. Wine charms that simple say thank you are also a perfect way to show your appreciation to your guests.

Little Extra Wine Charm Wedding Favor

Wine charms are also a great wedding favor if you are having your wedding in a vineyard or have a wine theme throughout. If you would like to really tie the wine theme together then there are other little touches you can add to your wedding.

One example would be vines on church pews, or throughout the reception venue. If there is a trellis of some sort then consider using grape vines and leaves to decorate the trellis or gazebo. You could also have grapes and vines on the place cards as another way to draw attention to your wine theme. Even without a wine theme throughout, wine charm wedding favors are an excellent choice of favor for your guests.