Discount Candle Wedding Favor

If you are getting married, chances are you want to have the wedding of your dreams. However, when imagining your dream wedding, you may not have thought about the wedding favors. Some people like to have trinkets or candy for wedding favors. However, these usually end up in the trash or eaten and forgotten about. If you want to have a wedding favor that people will actually use, try giving away candle wedding favors. Even if you are on a budget, finding discount candle wedding favors is a simple task!

Where To Look For Discount Candle Wedding Favor

If you are looking for candles to use as wedding favors, you can really look anywhere. If you are having a small wedding and do not expect to have to purchase more than a few wedding favors, you could get semi expensive candles. For example, you could purchase the smallest Yankee candle that is offered. While you cannot personalize this, you can purchase some discount wedding favor tags to personalize and put on the candles. Everyone loves Yankee candles, and people would love to receive such a nice gift from the bride and groom. However, even the smallest Yankee candles are quite expensive! You can still stick with this general idea though and purchase small candles from a discount department store or even look online for discount candles for wedding favors.

If you are looking strictly for discount candle wedding favors, you can try looking online at the various discount wedding sites you can find online. There are countless discount wedding sites and chances are you will find hundreds of discount candle wedding favors. These are great if you have several hundred guests coming as even two dollars per wedding favor can start to add up. When you purchase through the online sites, the discount candle wedding favors will end up probably being somewhere from twenty five cents to fifty cents a piece. You really cannot beat that!

Discount Candle Wedding Favor Helpful Information

If you are purchasing discount candle wedding favors, you have to be careful. If you really want something nice for your wedding favors, you might not be able to find that at a discount wedding favor website. These sites specialize in cheap, not classy. Sometimes it is better to just forget about the wedding favors if you cannot afford to put something nice on the table. Imagine a cheap and chintzy tea light candle sitting on the table with the fancy china. It just does not go. Most guests will not even realize something is missing!