Decorating Your Wedding Favor Candy Bag

A wedding may seem incomplete without the wedding party favors that are to be given to guests. Candies are a recent trend to wedding favors and these sweets have proven to be quite a hit with both the guests and the couple to be married. The reason for this is that candies cost less than your average wedding party favor and so does the wedding favor candy bag.

The Material For The Wedding Favor Candy Bag

The wedding favor candy bag can actually come in any material that the celebrants want. The most convenient material, though, is usually something that is see through and easy to make. This trims down the choices for the wedding favor candy bags to a few choices. Organza, tulle, netting, gauze, chiffon and others of similar make up are ideal for a wedding favor candy bag. The idea behind these choices is to allow guests a tantalizing sight of what the party favor is or are.

In some cases, the bag can also be made of something hard such as plastic. This can be pliable plastic or the hard kind of plastic. Using the plastic may elevate the cost of the wedding favor which is why some couples prefer the softer and cheaper fabric wedding favor candy bags. The more hardy plastic bags are usually ideal for a wedding favor candy bar. This way the candy bar is protected and there is minimal chance of it melting or breaking apart.

Wedding Favor Candy Bag Decorations

Fabric wedding favor candy bags are easy to decorate with fabric flowers, lace and ribbons. The wedding favor candy bag can also be made in a solid color and printed with a design or the details of the wedding. In some cases, lace is used for the wedding favor candy bags and these provide their own design and decoration, making the need for decorations moot. Other fabrics may be difficult to decorate such as tulle and netting which means that the ribbons may be necessary to make these bags look livelier.

Fabric and paper flowers can be used for the harder kinds of wedding favor candy bags. These combined with ribbons make for a delicate looking container of the sweets that are to be the wedding favors. The plastic wedding favor candy bags may need more decoration as opposed to the fabric ones. Some plastic container may have some designs on them such as flowers, ribbons, molded on the plastic itself.