Choosing The Wedding Shower Favor Bags

Party favor bags are a great way to contain the loot from a party. It is then no surprise that there are now wedding shower favor bags which are usually given to the guests of a wedding shower. Wedding shower favor bags can contain one or more favors depending on what the event organizer has in store for the guests. Wedding showers these days may be a joint affair of the bride and groom to celebrate their coming union. There is also the bridal shower for the bride and the stud party for the groom. These can all be celebrated along with a wedding shower.

Different Kinds Of Wedding Shower Favor Bags

The kinds of wedding shower favor bags there are depends on the imagination and need of the person giving the wedding shower. Since a bridal shower usually has the most possibility of using wedding shower favor bags, let us focus on this event.

Wedding shower favor bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of these wedding shower favor bags can also accommodate the chocolate wedding favor to be given after the wedding itself. The shower favor bags to be used on such occasions are usually about four by five inches square fabric. Of course, there are wedding shower favor bags that are smaller or bigger than this.

The color and fabric design of the wedding shower favor bags can also be as varied as the many different fabric choices available that can be used for them. The more favored fabric for these favor bags are usually see through fabrics like tulle, fine netting, organza and lace. Most wedding shower favor bags have a drawstring design to tie the top up to prevent the contents from spilling out. Embellishments can also be added to the wedding shower favor bags to accentuate the bag and make it more decorative. In some cases, the cord used fro the drawstring feature at the top of the bags are twisted cord. The top of the bag can also have no additional fluffy cuff to make the bag look more like a woman’s pouch. The top part can also be directly the one that is closed to make it look more businesslike. Many prefer the wedding shower favor bags with the extended lip or fluff.

Choosing the right kind of wedding shower favor bags is relatively easy as long as you already have an idea of what kind of favor will be placed in the bags.