Chocolate Wedding Party Favor Varieties

Weddings nowadays usually have wedding favors, which are given out anytime during or after the wedding dinner. These wedding party favors can be anything ranging from compact discs (with songs) to wine bottles filled with colored sand. Many couples strive to have a unique wedding party favor which can be remembered for a long time. The practice of giving out wedding party favors used to be restricted to the wedding sponsors and entourage but these days they include all the guests who come to the wedding party.

The Sweetness Of Chocolate Wedding Party Favor

A chocolate wedding party favor is something that one may encounter during weddings. This is due mainly to the many different ways that a chocolate wedding party favor is packaged and presented. There are a variety of chocolates that are made into chocolate wedding party favors. These can be dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. The chocolate can also have nuts or dried fruits in them. The preferences of the bride and groom are usually catered to when it comes to deciding how the chocolate wedding party favors are made.

Chocolate Wedding Party Favor Packaging

Many makers of the chocolate wedding party favors have different choices for its packaging. There are chocolate bars, circles, kisses and packs to choose from. Chocolate bars are usually more popular when it comes to chocolate wedding party favors since the wrapper of the chocolate bar is printed with the wedding details. In this aspect, the bigger the printed material is the better since this means it can be seen better.

As for kisses or circle shaped chocolate pieces, these are usually given as a group or a package with a small card with the wedding details printed on it. This kind of chocolate wedding party favor may be wrapped in gauzy cloth or stiff tulle and tied with a ribbon. In some cases, the chocolate kisses or any other small piece of chocolate are placed in a glass or plastic container and tied with a ribbon or blanketed in gauze or tulle. The smaller chocolate pieces may also be placed in a small see through or not bag with a drawstring tie.

Another variety of the chocolate wedding party favor is the one where the chocolate itself is stamped with the monogram or initials of the bride and groom. This may be more expensive than any other chocolate wedding party favor variety because it requires some work on the side of the manufacturer.