Cheap Wedding Favor Candles: Make Them Yourself Or Dollar Store It

Money is tight for everyone and you should try to save money every chance you can. This goes especially for those who happen to be planning a wedding in these hard economic times. You don’t have to go all out when you’re planning a wedding. You can easily spend ten thousand dollars or more on a wedding if you’re not careful. That’s ridiculous. You can save lots of money and have lots left over for the honeymoon if you just know how to budget your money and skimp when you can. One of the ways you can save money and skimp when planning a wedding is to go for cheap wedding favor candles instead of getting the more expensive kind. Cheap wedding favor candles, and cheap wedding favors in general, such as cheap wedding favor candy, are great ways to save money. You should either make the cheap wedding favor candles yourself or you should get them at the dollar store.

Making Cheap Wedding Favor Candles

Making candles is easy. All you need is some wax and a good candle making kit. You can get these at hobby stores pretty much anywhere. These are great for making yourself because you can engrave people’s initials in them or put whatever you want on them. Also, when you make the cheap wedding favor candles yourself, it adds a little something special to the occasion, especially if you make other things for the wedding as well.

Cheap Wedding Favor Candles At The Dollar Store

The dollar store is great for these tough economic times. Many dollar stores sell all kinds of items. You can find cheap wedding favor candles, and also other wedding items, if you just know where to look. There are several varieties of the dollar store but the general idea is the same: finding items of all types while also saving money. These types of stores are perfect for getting cheap wedding favor candles. You can also engrave these and make these personal and nobody will have to know that you actually bought them.

Remember, this is your wedding and you can do whatever you want. But you should try to save money whenever you can and one of the best ways to save money is to go with cheap wedding favor candles. Then, you’ll have more money to get gourmet food, a better wedding cake or you can even spring for a cruise to use on your honeymoon.