Ideas And Suggestions For A Wedding Favor Candy Box

Candies are a great wedding favor idea. These are memorable enough in their sweetness and at the same time these do not cost as much as other possible wedding favors. Candies are also practical favors for weddings which will not accumulate dust the way that some impractical favors do when stored in shelves and mantels.

The Wedding Favor Candy Box

A candy wedding favor needs a wedding favor candy box in which the sweets are supposed to be stored and presented in. A wedding favor candy box is usually available in specialty stores that provide the necessary items for a wedding. Items in which candies and other small part favors need to be stored come in different shapes and sizes. The wedding favor candy box may come in the shape of a square, rectangle or a circular cardboard box.

The wedding favor candy box is ether presented as white or will be colored to coordinate with the color scheme of the wedding. In some cases, the wedding favor candy boxes have windows where the guests can see the candies. Windows are usually made of clear plastic or colored plastic depending on the preferences of the bride and groom. It may be a good idea to have the candies as multicolored if you have a solid colored box. The clear window will show the pretty contrast of multicolored candies and solid box.

The problem with a wedding favor candy box with a window on the lid is how to keep it close. Ribbons are usually tied around the box to keep it closed but these ribbons might block the view to the windows in this case. Another option to tying ribbons in a box with a window is to tie the ribbons in such a way that they are just at the corners of the box. Elastic bands or elastic cords work best with this idea. The wedding favor candy boxes can also be decorated to the heart’s content of the bride and groom.

Another option to a wedding favor candy box is to use a wedding favor candy bag to contain the candies. Bags or pouches work best as with see through fabric materials. Ribbons will also tie up the opening to the bag and prevent the candies from spilling out.

Using A Wedding Favor Candy Box

Using a wedding favor candy box to contain the party favors is a very practical idea which prevents the candies from spilling and also provides the guests with a reusable container after they have eaten the candies.