What’s In A Wedding Planning Checklist?

A wedding takes a lot of effort and mind power to achieve. Many brides and grooms choose to hire a wedding coordinator or wedding planner to take an active role in their wedding in order to take off most of the stress that comes with a wedding. For brides or couples who have enough will power, stamina and patience to do her own wedding, she will need a wedding planning checklist to keep track of all things connected to the wedding. The wedding planning checklist not only organizes activities and items for the wedding but it also serves as a wedding planning guide for times before and a little after the wedding.

Important Features Of A Wedding Planning Checklist

While many brides have a lot of priorities in a wedding planning checklist, there are some things in the list that really need to come first. Ideally, a wedding should have about a year to get things done the way that the bride and groom would prefer them to be. In this year, there are several things in the wedding planning checklist that need to be revisited several times to keep the bride up to date with the progress.

The wedding dresses and attire of the entire entourage needs to be monitored carefully in order not to have surprises on the wedding day. Schedules for designing, fabric choosing, measurements, fitting and alterations need to be scheduled in the wedding planning checklist. Other things that should have first priority in a wedding planning checklist are choosing the flowers and the flower arrangements, menu choices and food tasting, choosing the wedding entourage and photography. Other matters that may actually be of importance for other brides and grooms are the invitations, thank you cards and other cards for use before, during and after the wedding day, giveaways, honeymoon plans, hair and beauty stylists and many others. These may not be the exact sequence that the bride might want for her wedding planning checklist but many follow this.

Other features of a wedding may be different from those of other brides due mainly to differences in religion and preferences of the brides and grooms. The priority of the activities and items on a wedding planning checklist can also differ according to the priorities that the bride and groom have. Invitations should be sent out a few weeks (about 2to 3 weeks) before the wedding date while final fittings for the dresses and attires should be finished at the same time as the invitations are given out.