Wedding Flower’s Suggestions For The Bouquet

There are so many different flowers that are great to look at but does the bride know the meaning of the flowers that she brings in her bouquet? Many wedding flowers have meanings which may be different from what the bride believes in. In spite of this, many brides prefer looks over meaning when it comes to their wedding flowers. Below are several popular wedding flowers used for wedding bouquets with their meanings.

Roses Are Perfect Wedding Flowers

There are so many different kinds of roses with as much different colors. This may be the reason why they are such popular wedding flowers. Many of the roses are differentiated in their meaning by the color that they are. There is a kind of rose, known as the bridal rose that signifies happy love and is very suitable, for both looks and meaning for a bridal bouquet. Other roses that will be suitable for wedding flowers with their meanings are those which are colored peach (desire), pink (loveliness), red (passion) and white (innocence). If the red and white rose wedding flowers are still buds, they mean purity and youth, respectively.


Carnations are also quite popular wedding flowers, not only for the bride’s bouquet but also for the bridal entourage’s buttonholes. The most popular carnation color is white and it means innocence. Both red and pink carnations mean desire and memory, respectively. Using yellow carnations for the wedding flowers can have a disastrous implication as the yellow carnation means rejection.


These are also used as wedding flowers although not as often as the others stated above. These come in a range of colors but as blue wedding flowers, the hyacinth mean constancy, which is very good for a wedding. The white hyacinth means loveliness, which would also complement the bride and will do greatly for a wedding. Purple hyacinths may not be appropriate for wedding as they are a sign of asking forgiveness or repentance. Hyacinths in red and pink both mean playfulness which may also be a negative for use as wedding flowers.


Lilies are very popular wedding flowers and come in a variety of shapes and colors. White lilies literally mean purity and chasteness while the lily of the valley means an increase in happiness and sweetness. The arum lily or the calla lily is supposedly a sign of ardor which is acceptable for weddings flowers. Both the tiger lily and the day lily have meanings which have no connection to weddings at all.