The Basics Of Wedding Planning

A wedding is a complicated event that only look simple in the eyes of an outsider. The intricacies involved in getting to the wedding day can drive a grown man to tears. This is the reason why a lot of brides and grooms hire a wedding planner to do their wedding planning. The basics involve a lot of things which many experienced wedding planners already have a checklist for. The wedding planning checklist also has sub-checklists that are necessary in order to keep the organization of the wedding up to date and in schedule.

Decide Date And Location Before Starting Wedding Planning

These are the initial things that need to be decided before any wedding planning can start. Some brides and groom start as early as one year before the wedding to get ahead on the location of both the church and the reception. For those who will not be using a place of worship for their wedding, the reception can be initially used for the ceremony. Options for these initial decisions can be the availability of either the place of worship or that of the reception venue that the bride and groom prefer. Once the two venues are definitely confirmed, wedding planning in earnest kicks off.

Points In Wedding Planning

There are so many important points in wedding planning that need to be prioritized. The bride’s and entourage’s dress and attires, reception menu, wedding cake, invitations, entourage members, vows and so much more make up most of wedding planning. Wedding planning can be divided into two parts; the place of worship (or the wedding ceremony) and the reception. Activities and items for the place of worship as well as things necessary for the wedding ceremony itself is usually kept under one master checklist and the same goes for the reception activities and items.

Keeping these two separate in wedding planning may take some effort at times, especially when it comes to certain points where they may merge. A large notebook is necessary to keep things organized and easy to decipher. Miscellaneous items or activities outside of the wedding ceremony and the reception like bridal showers, the honeymoon etc should also be listed down in the wedding planning notebook in order to better organize the time before, during and after the wedding.

These are just the basic points in wedding planning that need to be kept in mind by wedding planners and brides to be. It is always a good idea to keep two wedding planning notebooks or organizers just in case, one gets misplaced or lost.