Suggestions For Blue Wedding Flowers

Blue is somewhat a favorite color for wedding motifs. Many brides and grooms agree that blue in the lighter shades of blue can be a very attractive color for wedding flowers. Blue wedding flowers may be limited to several flowers but they are not actually uncommon flowers. If the bride and groom really prefer blue wedding flowers for particular specie of flower and this does not actually come in blue naturally, there are many ways to give it the appearance of being blue. Blue is not a common color for most fall wedding flowers which makes natural blue flowers difficult to procure during fall.

In this day and age, flowers blue is not as difficult. Many florists can provide blue wedding flowers of any variety with the use of a fine spray that makes the flowers look natural if the paint is coated lightly. Usually it is the lighter colored flowers, or those which are white, which care painted or sprayed into blue wedding flowers. Another way of making an otherwise light colored flower blue is to let it sit in a vase full of blue dye for a day. The flower absorbs the blue dye which in turn tints the flower a light shade of blue. Not all flowers respond well to dyeing.

Natural Blue Wedding Flowers

Hyacinths are beautiful flowers that come in a very pretty shade of blue. These blue wedding flowers not only are pretty to look at but also provide a sweet fragrance for the bride holding her bouquet. Hyacinths are essentially small flowers that can be used as themselves singly for a bouquet or combined with other different flowers. These charming blue wedding flowers can also be modified into a headpiece or tiara.

Another kind of blue wedding flower is the hydrangea. These also come in a variety of colors but blue is quite common. These small flowers bloom in a bunch, each individual flower having a single small stem connected to a bigger stem that acts as the main stem. These blue wedding flowers may be difficult, if not impossible, to use without the bigger main stem, which means that they are usually presented in a bunch.

Cornflowers can also be used for blue wedding flowers. These flowers actually come in a variety of colors such as white to deep blue and deep pink. These small fragile looking flowers have beautifully serrated petals that can be a great addition to an otherwise pale colored bouquet.