Styles of Wedding Bouquets

There are many different choices that must be made when planning a wedding, from the location that the wedding will take place, where the reception will be, what food will be served, what time the wedding will take place and what the dress will be for the wedding party. In the midst of all these choices, there is also the choice of wedding bouquet to go with the colors of the wedding and the style of the dress. There are many different choices in styles of wedding bouquets, from the use of fresh flowers in the bouquet to using a silk wedding bouquet. There are exotic flowers that can be used as well as the most common, simple flowers on the market today. The price of the wedding bouquet depends on its complexity and how many flowers are used in it. The rarity of the flowers also affects the price, in addition to whether the flowers are in or out of season at the time of the wedding.

Various Styles Of Wedding Bouquet

One style of wedding bouquet is simple yet beautiful and is called the nosegay. The nosegay style has a rounded shape to the entire bouquet and has a lot of greenery in it. As such, it is usually less expensive than the other styles of wedding bouquets that tend to have more flowers in it. There is another type of round bouquet on the market today that is called the posy. In this type of bouquet, the flowers are all held into the bouquet with a wire, or they can be removed altogether. Often, the posy bouquet is the type that is found where the stems are hanging below the bouquet in a natural fashion, thus extending the bouquet itself.

There is another style of wedding bouquet that is arranged in a circular pattern. In this bouquet, the flowers are alternated in the bouquet so that a flower of one type is arranged in a circle and then is surrounded by flowers of another type and so on. This bouquet is often more expensive because it takes more flowers to form the bouquet and less greenery is usually used in it. The crescent wedding bouquet is shaped as it sounds, usually in a symmetrical or asymmetrical shape of a half moon. This bouquet flows from side to side and is a great complement to wedding gowns that have a fuller skirt when they are carried at hip level. There are many other styles of bouquets that are often a mix of the ones mentioned above.