Planning Your Wedding

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! Planning a wedding can be a very fun but very stressful time. Here are some key things you need to think about when planning for your big day.

Wedding: When It Will Be

The first thing you and your fiancé need to decide is when your wedding will be. Do you want to have it in the spring, summer, winter, or fall? Try to choose a date that works best with everyone involved in the wedding. In addition, if you have a lot of people traveling to the wedding, you will want to think about this. It can be difficult for people to travel in the middle of the week, so a Friday marriage (where people would have to leave on Thursday or earlier), might not be a great idea. Instead, look for a Saturday instead.

Where It Will Be Your Wedding?

Where your wedding will be is also a very important decision that you and your fiancé will have to make. If you are both church goers, you will need to decide between your church and his or her church. If you do not have a home church, you need to think about where you want to have the event. You can look at local golf courses, banquet halls, and even churches. If you are on a budget, maybe you know someone who has a beautiful yard where you could get married. Remember to think about the weather if you are planning to have an outside wedding. You should always have a tent available just in case the weather turns sour.

Your Wedding Theme

One of the most fun parts of planning the wedding is choosing a theme. This theme will help you determine what color you want your linens to be and what type of wedding centerpieces you will be using. You can also start looking for decoration items to use for your wedding or reception. Once you choose the theme, everything else seems to just fall right into place. When choosing your theme you should think about where the wedding is, when the big day is, and what type of ambiance you are going for. If you want something sophisticated, you probably should not be going for a beachy theme. Instead, try something like a simple black and white theme. If you are looking for something less formal, that beachy theme just might be perfect for your wedding!

Your wedding is your special day and it can be whatever you and your fiancé want it to be!