Ordering a Silk Wedding Bouquet

Whether the wedding has need of a fall wedding bouquet or any other time of year, there are silk wedding bouquets that can fit the bill. These silk wedding bouquets are a wonderful choice for a wedding because they will last forever, as opposed to the traditional, live flower bouquets that are commonly used. The silk wedding bouquets can mimic almost any flowers and come in a variety of different shapes to accommodate the wishes of the bride and groom. They also come in boutonnieres and toss bouquets so that the entire wedding party can be covered with the silk wedding bouquets.

Silk Wedding Bouquet And Choices

One type of silk wedding bouquet is a round bouquet that is filled with lilies. During the ordering process, the individual will need to choose the color for the bouquet, as all the flowers in the bouquet will be the same color. There is also the choice of ribbon color to go with the bouquet which is usually the complementary color in the wedding colors that have been chosen. If the bride wishes, there are other silk wedding bouquets that will go with the primary one. She can also choose whether she wants the bridesmaids’ bouquets to be silk as well. The corsage for the mother of the bride can also be ordered there as well as a toss bouquet, for the time at the reception when the bride tosses the bouquet to the single ladies in the crowd. The boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen can also be ordered so that the entire wedding party is covered.

Another type of silk wedding bouquet is also large and round, but is made up of roses and baby’s breath, for a beautiful and striking wedding bouquet. The choices mentioned above with the lily bouquet are also usually possibilities with this type of bouquet. There are also cascading types of silk wedding bouquets on the market today. The cascading bouquets are usually more expensive since there is more greenery and flowers needed to fill the bouquet in its cascading fashion. The cascading bouquet means that the flowers and greenery tend to flow over the bride’s hands so that it seems like a waterfall of flowers in her hands. There are some cascading silk wedding bouquets that are formed of rose buds, baby’s breath, as well as mums to complement things. There are others that are covered with roses, wildflowers and the greenery is made up of fern and ivy. In all of these bouquets, the bride can choose from an assortment of colors to match the ones that she chose for the wedding.