Choosing Wedding Centerpieces

If you are getting married soon, you are probably thinking about things like your dress, the location, and the seating chart. But have you thought about your wedding centerpieces yet? If not, here are some wedding centerpiece ideas to help you choose your centerpieces.

Winter Wedding Centerpiece

A winter wedding is conducive to some of the best wedding centerpieces. There are so many options for winter weddings. If you are getting married close to Christmas, there are even more centerpiece ideas for you. First, you could fill a vase with ornaments that match your color theme. This is a relatively cheap centerpiece, especially if you purchase the ornaments the year before on clearance. Or, if you are getting married after Christmas you can find some really great Christmas items like snowmen or ornaments or snowflakes to use as wedding centerpieces. Another great idea is to name each of the tables in the wedding something fun and interesting like “jingle bells” or “winter wonderland.” You could also do something really cute like name the tables after the reindeer and other winter characters.

Summer Wedding

There are also some great ideas for summer wedding centerpieces. If you are having a beach theme, you could fill clear vases with sand and place a small candle on top of it. Another great idea is to do something fun with seashells. You could find some large seashells to use as wedding centerpieces. You could also incorporate a complete beach theme by putting some sand on the bottom of a vase or fishbowl, filling it with water, and putting some floating seashell votive candles on top. Another great idea for a summer wedding is to simply go out to a field and pick some beautiful wildflowers. Place them in a vase in the center of the table and you will have an absolutely beautiful wedding centerpiece.

Fall Wedding

A fall wedding centerpiece can be just as beautiful as any other season. A great idea is to use pumpkins or other squash to decorate the center of the tables at the reception. You could also incorporate leaves or simply use candles in fall colors.

Spring Wedding

Spring weddings are also very conducive to some fabulous wedding centerpieces. You can find cheap flowers in season to decorate the tables with. A simply decorated table with a vase full of fresh flowers can be absolutely beautiful.

You can also look online or in wedding magazine for some more wedding centerpiece ideas.