Choose Engagement Card Wording To Suit Your Style

When choosing engagement cards it, is not only the type of card but also the materials it is made of and the overall look of the card that is important, that is only part of it. The engagement card wording is actually vital as the card is only for looks; the words need to tell people many things. The way you word your engagement card will depend on the type of engagement card you finally choose. When going for traditional, the words need to fit in with the overall style of the card. If you choose informal engagement cards, the tone and writing style can be far more flexible and relaxed.

Of course, if you choose a funny engagement card for your special day, you can have tremendous fun with the words. Funny cards can be quite outrageous in both looks and wording and if this is your type of thing you can use play on words to the greatest effect possible.

The choices are literally endless for engagement card wording and you can easily put your own unique brand on your cards. Engagement card wording often depends on the age of the couple, what their lifestyle is and the people they intend the cards for.

Engagement Card Wording Must Include Details

No matter what type of engagement cards you decide on and what engagement card wording you choose to use, there is a list of details that must be included if you want your cards to be successful. Just because you know every detail about your own engagement, it does not mean that your guests on that special occasion will automatically know. That is why it is a good idea to always include a map with directions of how to get to the venue.

It is standard to include in your engagement card wording the names of the couple and who is hosting the occasion. The date, the venue and the time of the celebration must be clearly stated on the card. It does not matter how formal or avant-garde your engagement card wording; the RSVP information should include specific details.

Contact details are imperative; physical and postal address, phone number as well as mobile number and email address. Once you have made sure that the ‘must include’ details have been seen to, the engagement card wording can be whatever you personally want them to be. After all, this is your special day so you get to choose everything.